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Starch Paste Kettle
The precision and easy operations of our Fluid Bed Dryer have named us as the best Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier in India. The Fluid Bed Dryer, offered by us, is ideal for the rapid and even drying of chemical, pharmaceutical and food products. Our Fluid Bed Dryer is available at the market leading prices.

Starch Paste Kettle is made out of SS 316 material. It consist of hemispherical bottom unit mounted on an 'A' shape round pipe frame. It is provided with tilting arrangement. Pedestal bearing blocks are provided for easy movability. It is designed for working pressure of 2 Kg / sq. cm and outer unit is jacketed & insulated with glass wool. Steam inlets and outlets are also provided.

Salient Features:

  • Contact parts are made of SS 316
  • Jacket - SS 304 X 4 mm thick.
  • Outer jacket-glass wool covered with SS 304 Q.
  • Steam connection 
    • Steam inlet / outlet.
    • Safety Valve
    • Pressure Guage
    • Drain coupling
    • Discharge valve
  • Lifting device for Anchor-hydraulic system 1 H.P model with cylinder
  • Stirrer motor : 2 H.P . X 1440 R.P.M. (LHP / Remi Make)
  • Gear box : W 86. (Bonfiglioli make)
  • Stirrer : pedestal type
  • Tilting arrangement : manual with Rack & Worm system

Optional Features

  • Electrical heating
  • Anchor stirrer with 1 HP drive

Capacities Available

  • 25 to 200 Ltrs
Starch Paste Kettle with Anchor Stirrer

The Starch Processing Kettles we offers are specially designed unit for application in pharmaceutical processing units. It is used for preparation of binder materials. This is also called starch paste kettle and is constructed as a hemispherical kettle with jacket mounted on trunnion that is supported with the help of a shaft. The kettle is provided with an anchor type beater for mixing the binder material and the paste with multiple speed option.

  • The starch paste kettle is a specially designed unit for preparation of binder material
  • It is a hemispherical kettle with jacket mounted on trunnion supports with the help of shaft.
  • The kettle has a small cylindrical top shell with a spout for pouring out binder mass.
  • The kettle is provided with Anchor type beater for paste mixing with dual speed option.
  • Jacket is provided with steam accessories i.e pressure guage. Safety valve and vent cock.
  • The Kettle is also provided with a lever with hand wheel to accomplish titling manually
  • The kettle is provided with 16 swg thick SS 304 losses lid.

Other Information

  • Port of Dispatch: Mumbai
  • Production Capacity: 4Units/Month
  • Delivery Time: 4-6weeks
  • Packaging Details: in wooden cases
Tray Dryer

We are instrumental in offering a wide range of Tray Dryers, which is highly appreciated for its high durability and robust construction. These Tray Dryers can be availed in various specifications as per the requirement. Moreover, we offer Tray Dryers at most competitive prices.


The design and manufacture of the dryer is of high standard of GMP and has an aesthetic look. It is buffed externally to 150 grit matt finish and internally buffed to 220 grit mirror finish.

Electrical Heating

The Air inside the Tray Dryer is heated by "U" tube S.S.304 air heaters each of 1 KW.The heaters are fitted on the sides of the dryer to facilitate uniform heating. Maximum temperature attained inside the dryer is 100' C and will be indicated and controlled by a Digital Temperature indicator cum controller over full range of heating load.

Total Heating Load For It Will Be

  • 12 Trays Dryer - 4 KW
  • 24 Trays Dryer - 6 KW
  • 48 Trays Dryer - 12 KW
  • 96 Trays Dryer - 24 KW

The heaters will be inserted inside tubular pipe to prevent it from becoing RED HOT. The terminals of the heaters will be brought outside the dryer to make it more safe for operations for solvent based products.

Air Circulation

Air inside the dryer is circulated by one heavy duty axial flow S.S.304 or alluminum blower fitted on a shaft of and driven by l H.P. through belt. The special design of the Blower ensures uniform air circulation so that there is uniform air current over the entire charge loaded in the Trolley inside the dryer. The working of the motor is indicated by lamps in the control panel.


Trays will be manufactured from 1.6 mm SS 304 sheets.Its dimensions are 32" x 16" x 1 l/4". The Trays have rounded corners with' mirror finish from inside and outside. SS 316 quality is available on demand.

Racks And Trolleys

Racks are provided for trays insdie the Dryer. They are of fixed type for 12 and 24 Tarys Models. For 48 and 96 Trays Models. Racks are provided with wheels to slide them in and out of the Dryer. An additional S.S, trolley for Racks for outside movement can be provided on request

Model Available

  • 12 trays, 24 trays, 48 trays, 96trays


Model SSE TD-24 SSE TD-48 SSE TD-96
No. Of Trays 24 48 96
Tray size 16 x 32 x 1.25 16 x 32 x 1.25 16 x 32 x 1.25
Heating load at
100°C 6 x1000 W 9 x 1000 W 15 x 1000 W
200°C 9 x1000 W 15 x 1000 W 21 x 1000 W
300°C 12 x1000 W 18 x 1000 W 27 x 1000 W
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